Help give charities a regular pay-day

With payroll giving, the donations you make to charity are taken from your pay before income tax is deducted. The charities you care about get a regular income, your donation goes further and it costs you less.

CAF Give As You Earn facilitates over £70m of donations to charities each year, giving charities a regular income and reduced administration and fundraising costs.

Make your giving go further through the UK’s biggest payroll giving scheme.

Abby Taylor, Deputy Chief of Staff at Wellcome Trust, explains why she signed up to CAF Give As You Earn.


Donate straight from your salary, costing you less to give charities more.


Enjoy the flexibility to change your mind, your heart, and your donation at any time.

Matched by employer

Many employers match their employees’ payroll giving, doubling your donation.


Donate straight from your pay before tax

Donations are taken from your pay or company/personal pension after your National Insurance contributions are removed but before Income Tax is calculated and deducted. For instance, if you are a 20% taxpayer, 80% of your donation amount will be taken from your salary and 20% will be taken from the tax which would have gone to HMRC. 

How much more could my monthly donation provide?

Simply move the slider to set a total amount and find out how much your salary contribution would be according to your tax bracket.


Your salary contribution as a 20% tax rate payer
Your salary contribution as a 40% tax rate payer
Your salary contribution as a 45% tax rate payer

Monthly total going to your chosen charity

Did you find your employer?


If your employer offers CAF Give As You Earn, simply email your HR team to sign up and get started.

Download our pre-written email template to copy and paste and send to your HR team or Payroll Manager.

Download template



Is your employer not on the list but you’d like to be able to give to charity in a simple and tax effective way?

Why not make your HR team aware of the benefits by forwarding them the CAF Give As You Earn webpage for employers?

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