As one of the first social investment funds in the UK, we've made over 
650 social investments totalling £56m since 2002.


We provide repayable finance to help social enterprises, charities and community-led housing groups make an impact.

Favourite causes

We’re supported by funders who want to use their charitable funds to achieve a social and financial return. We recycle their money enabling many more organisations to be supported by one pot of capital.


We believe that partnership is the only way to work and have supported hundreds of social organisations across the UK and overseas.

What is social investment?

Social investment is the use of money to achieve both a social and financial return.

Social investment recycles capital provided by our generous funders. We lend money to social organisations and, as they repay us, we use the same money to make loans to other organisations in the same situation.

This means that one pot of money can benefit many more causes.

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  • Scotland
    We've helped over 14 charities and social organisations in Scotland.
  • Northern Ireland
    We help charities and social organisations in Northern Ireland deliver impact to their communities.
  • North West
    We've supported 39 organisations in the North West. Take a look at how we supported The Reader Organisation.
  • Wales
    We've supported over 26 charities and social organisations to deliver their impact with our SE-Assist Fund. Take a look at how we helped Elite Paper Solutions and Empower- Be the Change.
  • West Midlands
    CAF Venturesome has supported over 29 social organisations and charities deliver a bigger impact with our social investment loans. 

    Read the stories of:
  • South West
    With our Development Fund and Community Land Trust Fund, we've supported over 81 social enterprises and charities based in the South West:
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  • North East
    We've supported nine charities and social enterprises in the North East.
  • Yorkshire and The Humber
    We've supported over 15 charities and social enterprises in the Yorkshire area.
  • East Midlands
    We've supported over 19 organisations in the East Midlands.
  • East of England
    We've helped over 22 organisations in the East of England.
  • London
    We've supported over 82 charities and social enterprises make a bigger impact in London. 

    Click on the organisations below to see how CAF Venturesome has helped:
  • South East
    We've helped over 71 charities and social organisations in the South East. 

    Read HISBE's story. 
  • National
    We've supported 119 social enterprises and charities working all over the UK.

Our impact across the world

As well as the UK, we have made 92 social investments to build the capacity of high-impact social organisations around the world.

Find out how CAF Venturesome can support your international work

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