The Audit, Risk and Compliance Committee consists of independent members as well as Trustees with relevant expertise. The committee’s purpose is to review and make recommendations on the following on behalf of the Trustees:

  • internal control and risk management systems
  • effectiveness of internal audit
  • CAF’s relationship with its external auditors
  • procedures for compliance with anti-money laundering legislation
  • annual report and accounts
  • the arrangement by which staff may, in confidence, raise concerns about possible improprieties in financial reporting or other matters.


The Investment Advisory Committee is a panel of independent investment experts chaired by a Trustee. The purpose of the committee is to advise the Trustees on investment matters regarding CAF’s funds as well as the funds held on behalf of donors or as agent. This is undertaken in the context of our long range strategic plans, operational activities and Charity Commission guidelines. The committee monitors compliance with agreed investment policies and performance benchmarks. It also performs an annual review of compliance with procedures relating to investments, as well as providing other advice on an ad hoc basis.


Advises the Trustees on the appointment of CAF’s Trustees and of the co-opted members and advisers to the boards and committees of the CAF group. The committee also makes recommendations regarding the remuneration of the Chief Executive and other senior executive officers, and reviews and agrees the basis for the general pay award to staff. It reviews the general terms and conditions of employment of our staff with particular attention to the provision of pension arrangements. The committee met on four occasions during the year under review.