With as many as 2.4 billion people set to join the world’s middle classes by 2030, it is crucial that we ensure that the groundwork is put in place to support and encourage a mass engagement in giving. We estimate that if the world’s middle classes were to give over just 0.5% of their spending – less than the average UK household and about the same as people in the Republic of Korea – that could amount to $319 billion in resources for civil society organisations annually by 2030.

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Potential for sustainable, domestic development

The Groundwork for Growing Giving campaign highlights the potential for fast growing emerging economies to drive a golden age of generosity and deliver a sustainable development which works for all. The campaign seeks to create an inclusive culture of generosity and envisions a world where everyone gives.

Read our campaign paper 'Laying the Groundwork' online


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Governments to:

  • make sure that civil society organisations are regulated in a fair, consistent and open way
  • make it easy for people to give and offer incentives for giving where possible
  • promote civil society as an independent voice in public life and respect the right of not-for-profit organisations to speak out on important issues

International funders to:

  • provide funding for organisations which provide support to donors and civil society organisations to build infrastructure that can continue to generate funds for civil society even after aid ends
  • fund local organisations directly to improve the accountability and efficiency of aid
  • recognise the importance of helping grantees to build sustainable domestic support and fund accordingly

Civil society organisations to:

  • ensure good governance and be honest about impact to build public trust in civil society organisations
  • meaningfully engage local communities in decision making so civil society becomes locally owned
  • recognise and build on traditional forms of giving to create organisations and a culture of giving works to the strengths of the local context

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