If you want to make a real impact on the causes you care about, a CAF Charitable Trust gives you the flexibility to donate, when and where you want. Our FAQs can help answer some of the key questions you might have about a CAF Charitable Trust.
  • Is my CAF Charitable Trust registered with the Charity Commission?
    You don’t have to register your CAF Charitable Trust with the Charity Commission. We’re a registered charity ourselves and your Trust sits with us, so our registration covers your Trust.
  • Who can I donate to?
  • Does the CAF Charitable Trust qualify me for Income Tax relief?
    We’ll reclaim and add Gift Aid for every eligible donation made into your CAF Charitable Trust. If you need information on your personal tax situation, please speak to an independent financial adviser.
  • How can I fund my CAF Charitable Trust?
    You can donate cash, gift shares and non-cash assets by bank transfer, cheque etc.
  • Can the funds in my CAF Charitable Trust be invested?
    Yes – we have a number of investment options for your CAF Charitable Trust. We can’t provide advice, so if you need help please speak to an independent financial adviser.
  • Can I have the money in my CAF Charitable Trust back?
    We can’t refund the money in your CAF Charitable Trust, but we can transfer it to another provider.
  • What happens to my CAF Charitable Trust when I die?
    You can either pass your Trust onto a named successor or nominate CAF as a beneficiary. This allows you to make gifts to specific charities in your Letter of Wishes.
  • Can I leave money to my CAF Charitable Trust?

    Yes, you can leave money to your Trust through the CAF Charitable Legacy Service.

    Contact us for more information.

  • How much does the CAF Charitable Trust cost?
    Our fees depend on your requirements. For more information, view the CAF Charitable Trust fee schedule or contact the Private Client team.
  • How long does it take to open a CAF Charitable Trust?
    It usually takes between 3 and 5 days, if we have all of the information we need from you.
  • What’s the minimum amount I can have in my Trust?
    The minimum balance of your Trust must be £10,000.
  • Can I give my CAF Charitable Trust a name?
    Yes – you can name your Trust.
  • Can I manage my account online?
    Yes – you can register to manage your CAF Charitable Trust online and view all cash assets and investments. You can also make donations to UK-registered charities or to overseas charities.
  • Who can donate to my Trust?
    The Trust is not a fundraising account; it’s a personal account for you and your family.
  • Am I the Trustee of my Trust?
    No – CAF acts as Trustee of the Trust.


Our expert team is here to help with any questions you have about the CAF Charitable Trust.

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