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CAF’s international focus is on facilitating giving across borders to carefully validated charities and charitable projects, with a particular focus on giving from the three countries where CAF Group operates: United Kingdom, America and Canada.

We work with individuals, non-profits and companies across the world, supported by our international network of Partners. Our Partners are independent, locally-led organisations working at the forefront of philanthropy and civil society. This network helps us facilitate cross-border giving of the highest regulatory compliance. Cause universal, our world-class services give maximum flexibility to our clients.
As more people want to give internationally we're here to help. It’s crucial  donations are secure, cost-effective and where possible tax-advantaged.  We enable our donors to make strategic, impactful gifts while reducing the risk, reputation exposure, and administrative burden associated with cross-border giving.

CAF Network Members

The CAF Group of CAF in the UKCAF America and CAF Canada are proud to partner with a growing number of independent philanthropic organisations across the world. Our Partners help us facilitate cross-border giving and onward grant making of the highest regulatory standard.  We also work with Partners to tackle a range of issues impacting the sector in their territories.

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CAF and our international partners have seen an outpouring of support from individual donors, businesses, and their employees in response to the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. Charities are on the ground providing aid and helping displaced Ukrainians who have been forced to flee.

Donate to charities supporting the crisis

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Donate: securely, effectively, globally 

Donate worldwide

We can help you give to charitable causes around the world.

CAF American Donor Fund

If you pay tax in the UK and US, and you're looking for a tax-effective way to make an impression with your philanthropy, we can help.

Corporate grant making

We design and run your grant making, whilst you get on with business. We can tailor this service specifically to your needs.

Responding to the Covid-19 global challenge

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CAF's International Network responds to the Covid-19 pandemic

Discover how our Partners responded to the global challenge of Covid-19 around the world.

Read the Global Response report
CAF America covid insight across the world

Covid-19 worldwide impact reports

Since the beginning of the global pandemic in March 2020, CAF America has chronicled the impact of the crisis on nonprofits worldwide and helped donors develop data-driven giving strategies.

Read the reports
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