The CAF Charitable Trust is our flexible, secure giving vehicle for managing long-term giving. For most of our clients, setting up a trust to support their giving is the preferred choice.

Flexible and tax-effective 

A CAF Charitable Trust is tax-effective and gives you flexibility to donate to the causes that matter to you, when and where you want. It's like an American-style Donor-Advised Fund but with greater flexibility, donor choice and investment options.

Try out our calculator to find out how much your donation to charity could be worth.

Cash donation calculator

Enter donation amount
Tax income rate
  • 20%
  • 40%
  • 45%
Gift Aid claimed £ - We top your donation with additional Gift Aid, which is 25p for every £1
Total donation to charity £ -

You claim back from HMRC £ -
Cost of donation to you £ -


Here are some of the ways the CAF Charitable Trust can help you make the most of your giving.

Make more of your money

Make more of tax benefits

We’ll reclaim and add Gift Aid to every eligible donation made into your CAF Charitable Trust

Tax-effective giving
Your share gifting options

Gift your shares

Did you know that shares gifted or sold to charity may be exempt from Capital Gains Tax?

Your share giving options
Legacy giving with CAF

Create a lasting legacy

You can leave a gift to a Charitable Trust in your Will and reduce your Inheritance Tax.

Find out more about legacies
Investing with CAF

Grow your money

You can invest your funds to give them the potential to grow.

Invest your funds


Expert advice

Get expert advice to make the most of your giving. Through our strategic, evidence-based approach to giving, we’ll work with you to bring your ambitions to life.

Give anonymously

You decide which charities you want to hear from, and which ones you’d rather not.

Donate securely

Donate confidently, knowing that we verify international organisations to ensure your overseas donations are going to legitimate projects.

Online management

You can manage your CAF Charitable Trust online. This includes topping it up, making ad hoc donations and downloading statements.

Give innovatively

Use your trust to give to charities and social enterprises in innovative ways. Such as social investment via CAF Venturesome and through programmes like CAF Resilience.

Involve the family

Create a CAF Charitable Trust for the family. Give together, make a bigger impact and get more from the shared experience.

Learn more about a CAF Charitable Trust

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